Millions of Americans struggle to afford their prescription medications

During a recent study, patients cited cost as the main reason they stopped taking their prescribed medications. As with most healthcare-related products, consumers who buy out-of-network pay the most, and this creates a financial burden many can't bear.

We help the consumer save significantly on the cost of prescriptions

We bring cardholders prescription medications at the steep, discounted prices insurance companies pay

It works! We’ve saved our members over $880,000,000

There are over 100 million people across America who can benefit from our program:

  • The uninsured
  • The under-insured who have little pharmacy coverage
  • Documented and undocumented non-Americans

Unfortunately, it’s these people – often those who can least afford it – who end up paying the highest prices for prescription medications. That's why ScriptRelief was created.

Partner With Us

Partner with us today and offer your company or organization a simple and effective way to help your employees save on their prescription drugs. It’s simple. It’s free to the customer. And there’s no catch.

Our proposition is simple: many people and organizations do not have sufficient health coverage and they often overpay for their prescriptions. So ScriptRelief has negotiated large volume discounts with the leading pharmacy benefit manager Catamaran, on over 50,000 medications.

Start saving on prescriptions drugs.

Types of companies and organizations that are partnering with ScriptRelief:

  • Hospitals
  • Debit Card Companies
  • Charities
  • Membership organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Temp Agencies


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