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About ScriptRelief

Start saving on prescription drugs

Millions of Americans struggle to afford their prescription medications

During a recent study, patients cited cost as the main reason they stopped taking their prescribed medications. With 50 million uninsured and 45 million underinsured in the U.S., consumers who buy out-of-network pay the most, creating a financial burden many can't bear.

We help consumers save meaningfully on the cost of prescriptions

We bring cardholders prescription medications at the steep, discounted prices insurance companies pay.

We’ve saved our members over $1 billion dollars

Millions across America who can benefit from our prescription discounts: the uninsured & the underinsured. Unfortunately, it’s these people (often those who can least afford it) who end up paying the highest prices for prescription medications. For this reason ScriptRelief was created.

"I was spending so much of my weekly paycheck for my prescription paying out of pocket. ScriptRelief has let me save a huge chunk of change every week and I can’t thank you enough!”

Melissa Johnston, ScriptRelief user - Nashville, Tennessee

Partner with ScriptRelief

It's simple. It's free. It saves.

Offer your company or organization a simple and effective way to help your employees save on their prescription drugs. Let’s work together.

Our proposition is simple: many people and organizations do not have sufficient health coverage leading to overpayment of prescriptions. ScriptRelief has negotiated large volume discounts with the leading pharmacy benefit manager OptumRx, on over 50,000 medications. A few types of companies and organizations that are partnering with ScriptRelief are: hospitals, debit card companies, charities, membership organizations & municipalities.

No claim forms

You don’t need to submit any additional information to your doctor, your pharmacist, or your insurance provider in order to use your ScriptRelief card.

No deductibles

Whether you have insurance or not, you will never be charged for using your ScriptRelief card to save on prescription medications.

No limitations or maximums

Use your ScriptRelief card every time you buy prescription medication. Now, and always.

No pre-existing condition exclusions

There is no screening - the ScriptRelief card is available to all Americans regardless of medical background history.

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